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Department of Transportation DOT Physicals

DOT Physical is a commercial vehicle driver, and doing such a job is difficult. So, to ensure you are and the public safety, you will likely need to take a department of transportation physical. This is a checkup which needs for commercial vehicle drivers by the FMCSA. A DOT physical exam ensures you can meet your job’s physical needs. This is tolerance for the risks which you suffer for a long period.

What’s A DOT Physical Used for?

This is used for a slow license for commercial drivers. These also elaborate on your overall physical health and stability to run safely and operate a commercial vehicle as a driver. It is a report you are physically fit to handle the physical demands and emotional stress of working in commercial vehicles under all types of conditions.  

DOT Physicals Are Required for Drivers Who

DOT physical is only for drivers who transport dangerous material that needs a hazmat placard and are played to operate motor vehicles that carry more than eight people; use motor vehicles that bring more than 15 people, with a gross combination weight rating over 1000 pounds once you are physically fit.

Furthermore, suppose you are a driver and looking for a DOT physical. In that case, you must receive a medical certificate from Wyoming Medical Care, a leading company offering the best DOT physical medical certificate. Some medical conditions need that you have an annual DOT physical. It might consist of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes mellitus.

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What Does A DOT Physical Consist of?

The doctor will provide you with a medical health history form, which will be about your health history, like how long you have been suffering from diseases.

Detailed Analysis of Health History Form

You need to provide information about your health.

  • Which type of medicine you are taking?
  • How many surgeries do you have on your body?
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, and any other ingredients
  • Signs and symptoms and many more

Physical Examination 

  • Hearing test
  • Vision test
  • Blood pressure
  • Other pointers

Urinalysis and Further Testing

A urinalysis will also be performed on you, providing information about your blood sugar level and other health markers. Another role of urine is drug testing. You may also get your blood drawn and undergo in-office tests such as electrocardiograms. Each quiz you take assesses your fitness to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

How Do You Obtain A DOT Physical?

Licensed medical examiners administer DOT physicals on the FMCSA National Registry. Medical examiners include the following individuals:

  • (MD)
  • (DO)
  • (DC)
  • (PA)
  • (APRN)

Many best licensed medical professionals are responsibly providing the DOT physical exams. Searching for a suitable medical examiner is a challenging task. But you don’t need to worry. We will give you a national registry search tool that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides. 

What to Bring with You During DOT Physical Exam?

Before your physical, you must complete the physical examination report, and then you have to get the form. Before starting doctor’s time, you need to fill out the form, make an appointment, and bring it with you. It would be best to get all the tests like visual aids, recent laboratory results report, diabetes mellitus, and hearing aids test. DOT physical is hard to pass. If you are healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle, you can drive a commercial car, and you are physically fit.